EDEALO.com – the hot new publisher of global online deals
Searching for the best flight fares for your upcoming business trip?
Want to buy a new designer handbag without paying designer prices?
Looking for an Amazon discount coupon?
Searching for the best price on Apple’s new iPhone XS?
Want to find a great travel package for your Holidays vacation?
There’s one answer for all of the above – EDEALO.com
EDEALO.com is the hot new publisher of online deals & coupons from 700+ global brands.
Based in Cairo, Egypt; it’s the first and only website in the Middle East that publishes online
offers and deals from ALL OVER THE WORLD from such a large number of brands. It’s a
hub for everyone who wants to save money when purchasing online products/services
including Travel , Fashion, Education, Electronics, and many more sectors.
Luxury on a Budget
Unlike many savings websites, EDEALO.com isn’t focused on petty savings. The website is
especially tailored for users who aspire to a luxury lifestyle, but want to save money doing so.
That’s why you are more likely to find savings involving medium-to-high ticket items; those
that are mostly-unaddressed by other websites e.g. designer fashion, business class tickets,
premium electronics. Also, EDEALO.com addresses global citizens, and isn’t limited in its
offers to geographic boundaries.
FREE Savings
Another unique thing about EDEALO.com is that it’s 100% FREE to use its online deals,
offers, and coupons. Unlike other websites, the visitors of EDEALO.com aren’t required to
purchase online coupons or conduct any kind of transactions on the website. EDEALO.com
only aggregates and publishes the deals, with no hassle or commitment from the visitors’
Easy Navigation
EDEALO.com has been carefully built with one thing in mind; enable users to save money
and stay informed about the price and availability of coupons and deals from World-renown
brands. To help them navigate the websites HUGE number of offers, users caImage result for black friday 2018n search by
Brand, Category, Location, or even by your interest e.g.users can be looking for Designer
Fashion/Streetwear, Winter Travel, or Business Class Tickets.
Direct Booking
EDEALO.com has also recently partnered with a number of travel giants to enable users to
search for the best flight fares from a number of websites AND directly book their travel
tickets, without leaving EDEALO.com. This service is powered by hotels.com,
skyscanner.com, Trip Advisor, Travelstart, kiwi.com, jetradar.com
No Fear (of Missing out)
Even more, users don’t necessarily have to regularly check EDEALO.com for the latest
offers. They’ll only need to subscribe to the EDEALO.com newsletter cyber monday deals, or website push
notifications, and their team will make sure you never miss out on a hot deal ever again. If
you’re not a big fan of newsletters or push notifications, no problem; you can follow
EDEALO.com on your favorite social media platform and stay updated with the latest deals
and offers.
Personal Deal Finder Service
EDEALO.com also has a Messenger bot; commercially dubbed as the Personal Deal
Finder service. Just like the website, using this service is entirely FREE – all you have to do is
go to EDEALO’s Facebook Messenger and let it find you the Deal that best fits YOUR
needs.The Personal Deal Finder Service is partially automated via a bot, and partially
manual via EDEALO’s representatives. The bot guides you through the Deals, and you have
the option of chatting with an EDEALO representative for enquiries that aren’t covered by the
automated bot.
At EDEALO.com, savings are always a click away!
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